Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 19 Issue 3 September 2020

<br>Volume 19 Issue 3</br><br>September 2020</br>

Volume 19 Issue 3

September 2020





Sylwester Bejger, Stephan Elster

Artificial Intelligence in economic decision making: how to assure a trust?

Mateusz Chłąd

Elements of sustainable development in selected European Union countries

Ewa Chojnacka

One percent of personal income tax as a source of revenue in public benefit organisations

Michał Dziadkiewicz, Paweł Cichowski

Real estate management against state policy regarding the development of the fiber optic network

Danuta Dziawgo

Loyalty program for investors as tool for maintaining relations with shareholders

Marcin Janowski

Basic social economy entities and social and economic benefits resulting from their activity

Maria Kola-Bezka

Community-led local development in urban and other areas: lessons from Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship

Agnieszka Kwarcińska

Reporting problems of corporate social responsibility

Stanislaw Rudolf

Attempts to harmonise the European Union legislation in respect of employee representation in corporate governance bodies

Anna Waligóra, Grzegorz Leszczyński, Piotr Zmyślony, Mateusz Kot

Mapping the development of contextual knowledge in the area of the sharing economy

Izabela Zabielska

Cooperation, partnership and integration in the cross-border area: the role of borders and cross-border cooperation

Aleksander Zawadzki

Subsidies in the financial statements of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Krystyna Zimnoch, Barbara Mazur

Social and economic advantages of social economy enterprises